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Understanding Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

When we think about pollution, we often consider outdoor air the sole source of danger. However, recent studies have shown that insufficient indoor air quality is directly related to health, and poses a higher health risk, as it contains more pollutants in a restricted space. Fortunately, poor indoor air is a risk that you can avoid by gaining the knowledge to make informed decisions to control the air quality in your home.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Treasure Coast, FL

Signs Your Residence Has Low Indoor Air Quality

If you are experiencing more frequent headaches, allergy attacks, fatigue, excessive coughing, or sneezing, your home may have low air quality. You may recognize an unpleasant odor, hot and cold spots around your home, or dust build-up. These are all signs of poor air quality and should be tended to immediately.

Health Challenges Associated with Harmful Indoor Air

The adverse effects of harmful indoor air pollutants may cause a minor immediate reaction like symptoms of a cold or flu. Individuals with existing health conditions, such as asthma, may be more susceptible to these uncomfortable side effects. More severe health conditions, such as respiratory diseases or certain types of cancer, may only develop after years of exposure to harmful indoor air.

Identifying Pollutant Sources

Pollutants are air contaminants, and they are unavoidable. However, many will not cause harmful health challenges when kept to a minimum. There are many types of air pollutants, such as dander, dust, tobacco, pollen, excessive moisture, and even furniture made of certain pressed woods. Some people may have life-threatening reactions, and others may have no reaction at all.

Inadequate Ventilation

With insufficient ventilation, pollutants can rise to levels that threaten your health and comfort. Adequate ventilation ensures uninterrupted airflow, bringing fresh air inside and eliminating contaminants such as moisture, smoke, cooking odors, and other harmful indoor pollutants.

How Outdoor Air Enters Your Home

There are three ways outdoor air may enter your home. When outdoor air enters through cracks, openings, joints in walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces, it is referred to as infiltration. Natural ventilation is the process of air moving through doors and windows. Mechanical ventilation systems also allow fresh air to circulate by using ducts and fans.

Air Purifier products in Treasure Coast, FL

Reducing Air Contaminants with Source Control

Identifying sources of pollution enables you to remove or reduce their emissions, which effectively reduces your exposure to poor indoor air. Specific sources of air pollutants can be sealed or enclosed, such as sources containing asbestos that you may find in your crawlspace or attic. A professional can help you assess the problem areas of your home and develop solutions for emission reduction.

Improve Your Home’s Ventilation

Investing in improvements to your home’s ventilation system results in optimized air quality in your home. You can also utilize your kitchen and bathroom fans more frequently to push contaminated air directly out of your home. It is also recommended to open your windows or doors when possible, to circulate additional fresh air.


Air Purifying Solutions

Incorporating an air purifier/filter or humidifier or dehumidifier drastically enhances the air in your home. Set the humidity under 50% to ensure mold and mildew have no chance to grow or progress within your home. A filtration system is also vital in eliminating odors.

Breathe Better with Absolutely Cool Air Solutions

Absolutely Cool Air offers outstanding air quality services to ensure your family is breathing clean air inside your home. We provide services to detect and regulate proper air quality through in-home assessments, air quality testing, duct cleaning, air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, cleaning and maintaining your HVAC system, and installing appropriate ventilation.

Choose Absolutely Cool Air to Regulate Your Air Quality

Our dedicated team has the expertise to rid your home of harmful air and prevent your family from being exposed to harmful toxins. With more than two decades of experience, we know how to change the trajectory of your air quality quickly and efficiently. Our highly trained specialists are guaranteed to restore your comfort and your air quality.

Reach Out Today to Get Started on Your Clean Air Journey

If you’re ready to take control of the harmful pollutants that reside within your home, our expert HVAC specialists at Absolutely Cool Air are here to help! We will assess your air levels, make recommendations, and guide your home to clean, breathable air. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your family breathe better!

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